Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Introducing AJ

Well here at last is my baby brother AJ. After looking for a few weeks for a brother for me and being unsuccessful my mums decided they would have to get a younger boy. They wanted a more mature boy pug of around 3 or 4 years old, but there were none around at that time. They saw an ad for a little boy of almost 5 months old, his owner was having problems giving him the care he needed along with looking after her little girl. She wasn't in any hurry and wanted to find the right home as she knew that not everyone would be able to cope with his overactive behaviour, he was very much loved by his first family and they did find it difficult to part with him, but knew it was for the best. I am thrilled that they thought we were the right home for him. At the time his name was Archie, but as we already had an Archie we called him Archie Junior, AJ for short. I went with them to meet him so that I could be the one to decide whether he came home with us. In this first picture he was too small to get on the chair so I could get up here out of his way for a few minutes rest!
He is the most lovable rogue you could wish to meet, sometimes I do have to tell him off as he does get a bit much for me, but he is learning how much I will stand.
He is now 10 months old and very handsome!

We are very good friends, and on the odd occasion when he does have a nap we like to have a nap together!

AJ loves everyone and every dog. here he is playing with Mitchell a bull terrier puppy, he was in foster care with a friend for Bullies In Need and came to visit us,
AJ thought it was great to have a playmate who was as rough as him!! Of course, the next time he saw Mitchell, Mitchell was twice AJ's size, he still wanted to play with him though!!

I saw the link to your blog over on Pug Village and thought I'd stop by to say hello. You have a pair of fine-looking pugs there. Know that I am available should they need any spiritual guidance.
Best regards,
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