Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Isn't he handsome!!

Remember I said a few days ago about Naomi, Damon and Ashley wanting a pug of their own? Well they have now got one and here he is;

This handsome young chap is Pugsley and guess what? He is Dave's dad!! He couldn't be in a better home and is having the time of his life. Ashley is rightly very proud of his new baby 'brother'!

To see more pictures of Pugsley please click on the title 'Isn't he handsome', it will take you to a nother page of pictures.

More Dave!!

Here is the little lad again!!

The next picture is of Dave's lovely big brother Beau.

And this is his gorgeous big sister Molly.

Monday, March 14, 2005


What is Dave saying?

The look on my grandson Dave's face says it all, but what do you think he is thinking?
If you have any ideas please click on 'comments' below and let us know.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Everyone loves me!!

This picture was taken just before Christmas when we went to visit Auntie Naomi , Uncle Damon and cousin Ashley. They all took turns in cuddling me and this is Uncle Damon taking his turn. They all loved me and said they had always wanted a pug. They should be getting a pug of their own very soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

This next picture is Ashley wearing the fleece we bought him for Christmas!

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