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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Cardboard city!!

Harry's favourite 'toy' is a cardboard box, he loves to run around with it in his mouth and try to 'kill' it!! He usually ends up wearing himself out and then using the box as a bed!
I have just been looking through some pictures and came across this one. One day it started to rain when he was out playing, normally he barks to come in, this day he didn't, I looked out to see what he was doing and this is what I found! Where there's a will there's a way!!

This one was taken at another time


I love my Sam!!

Every morning when I get up the first thing I do after I have greeted my mums is to jump on the sofa to see Sam, I am always so pleased to see him and he is always pleased to see me too.
The first picture was taken today and the second one a couple of mornings ago.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My evening walk at the beach

It was a lovely evening yesterday so I thought I would take the humans for a walk on the beach while the tide was in. There were a lot of fishermen there hoping to catch their supper so we had to keep to the concrete part at the top for a lot of the way so that we (I!) didn't get tangled in their lines , but I don't mind that as it is good for a manicure!

This is as far as I dare roam on my own, look how close the water is,
I have never seen it this far in before!

Here I am waiting for my mums to catch up, the poor old dears can't walk
too fast these days!!

Off we go again!!

Now this does smell interesting.

If that water comes too close I'm off!

That's it, come on, lets go!

Monday, April 11, 2005


Maisie and Archie

My bull terrier sister Maisie was diagnosed with dilated cardiomopathy a few weeks ago, she kept collapsing whenever she tried to run around. Since then she hasn't been allowed to play with the rest of us so that she doesn't over exert herself. She has now been on her new treatment for a while and today she seemed to be fed up of just being on her own for exercise, so with fingers crossed she was allowed to play with Archie under strict supervision. I am pleased to report that she had a wonderful time and despite running around with him didn't show any signs of collapsing!! We are all really pleased for her. You can see by the pictures just how happy she is.

Come on Archie, lets have a run

I could get that frisbee off you if I wanted to!

You'll have to catch me first!

I think I'll try doing a commando crawl!

If I wanted to I could take it from you, just don't
want to!

I thought it was me that is suppose to be taking it easy!!

I'll just wait here until you get your breath back then!

Just to prove she did run!

This is our beautiful Maisie looking as well and happy
as she has done for ages, please keep your fingers
crossed that she remains like this for a good long while
yet, we really aren't ready to lose her. There is nothing
as good as a bullie kiss - apart from a boxer kiss and a
pug kiss of course!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Pugsley comes to visit

A week or so ago Pugsley and his family stayed in a caravan at Skegness for a few days, so they came to visit us for a day. we had a great time, it was good to see him again and to catch up on all the news!! We had a good run around the garden together and here are a few pictures for you to share;

This next picture is of Pugsley wearing a Harley Davison cap!

Sam with Ashley

Pugs in bed with his mum in the caravan

Pugsley on the beach

Ashley in Boston stump

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