Saturday, March 05, 2005


At last!!

Mum Ann has allowed me to put these pictures up of her, not that you can see much!!

And here are a few more recent pictures you may like to see.


A pile of pups!!

There we were, Sam and I, quietly sitting on the sofa watching TV, then Maisie decided to join us, of course we all had to sit at the same end which the hoomans thought was amusing and this is the resulting picture. We could easily get another 5 dogs on the sofa if we tried hard enough!


My lovely grandson

Of all the things that have happened in my life I have to say that seeing how my grandson Dave is growing up is the thing that I am proudest of. He is a lovely young lad and a credit to his breed and Auntie Dawn and Uncle John. Of course Beau and Molly have also had a hand in the way he has turned out!!
So here are a few pictures taken when he was baby, I am sure you will agree he is the cutest!!

Monday, February 28, 2005


Not just a couch potato!!

I persuaded mum Ann to take the camera in the field with us this morning so that you can see I am a sporty pug too. She would have you believe that I am lazy and just like to idle my time away watching TV with my feet up, eating and sleeping!! Well now you can see for yourselves this just isn't true.
In this first picture I am actually RUNNING!!

If you don't belive me here is another one!!

Here I am just a dot on the horizon!

Here is Maisie, she has a different way of going round the field, she does it 'commando crawl' style - creeping along on her belly!!

And when she gets fed up of doing it that way she just rolls over and wriggles along on her back!

Every now and then she will stop for a rest.

I think she really wants to be a brindle bullie!

Now it's Archie's turn. Ever since he was a baby Archie has alwas picked up a frisbee to take with him when he goes for a walk. Even when he is just in the garden as in these pictures he usually has one in his mouth! In the first picture he is just getting it from his hiding place in the heather!

He then just keeps running round and round.

And up and down!

Until there is nowhere else left to go!

I hope you all enjoyed today's pictures, see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Things I like

I like doggie chocolate buttons, I have my very own supply and I know where they are kept. I can't get in to them though. If my mums go out somewhere they can't take me (which doesn't happen too often) I always get 3 buttons put in my bed, this keeps me happy while they go out of the door. I don't mind being left for a while and usually take the time to do something important, like have a nap!

I like my new bed, its is really comfortable and it has plenty of space for all of my belongings. I have never had my very own bed before, or my own toys and stuff.

I enjoy walking round my garden and chasing the birds, I do prefer it in the sunny weather though!

But best of all I like sitting on mum Michelles' knee!!


My family

Hi everyone, this is Phoebe, I have taken over writing this blog as mum Ann gets a bit too busy to keep it updated, so I did a crash computer course and here I am!!
I thought I would introduce you to the rest of my family.

Firstly this is Mum Michelle. She is the main reason I am here, she is poorly and needed a resposible pug to look after her, I fitted the bill pefectly and my grandson Dave who owns Auntie Dawn of Lincs Boxer rescue told her I would be perfect, so she made all the arrangements for my move. You can see by the picture that I am doing a great job and have put a big smile on Mum Michelle's face! Don't look at my bare belly, this picture was taken not long after I had had 'the op'!

Now this handsome chap is my eldest brother Archie, he is a boxer with a long tail which can be lethal if it wags and knocks you!! He is a good brother and looks out for us all.

This is my special brother Sam, I love him very much and spend most of my time with him when I am not sitting on my mums knee. He is a very gentle boxer boy.

This is my sister Maisie, she is a bull terrier, she isn't very well and has to take things easy, she has allergies which makes her skin red and itchy, but even worse she has an enlarged heart. I get on really well with her and often have a chat with her about 'girlie' things.

Now this is my baby brother, Harry, I have never met a dog like him, he is absolutely crazy!! I am not kidding!! He isn't allowed to play with me cus he is way too rough. I do get to kiss him through the fence though and he is gentle with me then, but my mums are worried that he will accidently hurt me if I played with him. He runs round the yard like a dog possessed, they call them 'bullie runs' and he doesn't go round things, he goes straight through them!! His head is really hard and he runs into the door with it and it doesn't hurt him!! He's a strange boy, but I still love him.

Lastly there is mum Ann, I don't have a picture of her though as it is usually her that holds the camera!!

Whoops, nearly forgot grandad!


My first visit to the beach

"Before I came to live here with my mums Michelle and Ann I hadn't been to many places, so I was eager to explore as much as I could. we live near the beach so it wasn't long before I had my first walk there. I was a bit worried by the large open space and even more so when a big wave chased me!! I knew I was in safe hands though and my mims wouldn't let anything hurt me "

Don't I look smart?

Looking out to sea

Whoops!! It nearly got me!!

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